Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yesterday's News

There are some days where I am convinced that I live under a rock. I believe this theory since I have maintained a pretty consistent record of missing timely news stories. I didn't know when they caught (and charged) the infamous Alabama Sniper. I didn't know that the Godfather of Soul died until after my Christmas Break was over.

My record seems to be consistent at being the last to know anything in mainstream news. And that could very well be a bad thing.

Following my routine habit of browsing, I found an old interview with Dave Chapelle that discussed his flight from Comedy Central, despite being offered $50 million dollars to create a third season of his hit show.

I never knew why the Chapelle Show was canceled, but now I do. If you've never seen it, enjoy. And if you have: see it again. I just wish more interviews I watch felt this genuine.

Christ, I need to read the newspaper more often.

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