Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Revisiting My Old Life - Day Two in NYC

I really don't like using this blog for too many personal stories, but being in NYC for the next week puts me in the awkward position of kicking games to the curb and share my former experience here as a high school teacher.

First and foremost, I didn't quit teaching because I hated it.  I didn't quit because I despised it, either.  I never minded the endless immaturity of working at an all boys high school (and trust me, they were very, very immature somedays).  Furthermore, my old job held greater significance because I was a product of this system.  I grew up as a student of my school and became a young writer under the tutelage of an amazing staff.  

I quit teaching, however,  because it was time to move on.  I finally found the career ambitions that were noticeably missing for a long time, and those ambitions lead me to wonderful things indeed.

So today, I visited my old job for the first time since I quit in August of 2007.  It was semi- awkward, but reunions like this this are good because they can rekindle the soul in some cases) and remind you of the magic that kept you engaged as a proud employee.  However, it was bitter sweet to walk through the halls and glimpse the life I used to have - it was a little painful to remember how much I gave of myself to that career everyday.  The smiling faces, the funny conversations, and the childish antics of working there were some of the most fun and memorable moments of my adult life.  The kids were great, and the combined with a phenomenal and eclectic staff made working there a great experience.

But that's all behind me now.

Of course, I still care about my alma matter and the students I taught there.  Heck, I promised to return for the next two graduations, and see my former students walk the down the aisle as dignified high school graduates.  So for the next two years I'll come back and remember all the standout moments and reminisce on my former career teaching the most devious of subject - high school mathematics.

I don't regret going back at all, though.  It really is great to be appreciated by your peers.  I was stopped at least twenty or so times in the hall, being reminded of the marvelous job I did.  I almost found a small part of me wanting that back.  

But I'm firm in my decision making, and my future is writing about games, and sharing the experiences as best I can.  I want to learn more about my craft, as a writer, and commit to passing on information to readers in new and interesting ways.  I want to be a part of a creative process that challenges me to look past the obvious, and invest my energy and time in exploring new creative possibilities.  These are the things that draw me to this career.  And for now, the promise of someday achieving them makes glad to be here, working as a journalist, and writing about the things I love everyday (or almost everyday).

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