Sunday, May 4, 2008

Welcome to Liberty City!

I've been playing as much Grand Theft Auto IV as I possibly can this weekend, and I have to say I love it so far. If there is one thing that I regret, its that I've never finished a Rockstar game except Bully (another excellent game, in my opinion). However GTA IV ups the ante for me, providing some of the coolest I've ever experienced in games. Granted, the controls in fights are poorly executed (I'll reverse judgment till i unlock more moves, and the car handling is much more slippery than the last couple of GTA's. Despite this I'm still running all over the city, as I hunt for new missions.

I know I've never stayed with any GTA game until the end (I came close with the third one), but this will be the first game in the series that I plan to finish. Here's some quick things that happened to me in GTA IV that stood out:
  • I was sent on a hit to a train station and the guy ran downstairs. He was headed straight for car, so he could take off.. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I pulled out my glock and shot him in the head through the back window on the left. The bullets went right through the side and struck him as he collapsed onto the wheel, activating the car horn. It was difficult to pull off, but equally satisfying to behold.
  • 'Its funny how the details add up in this game. In one car chase on the highway, the guy I'm chasing (seems to be a common thing in the hitman business) clips a truck carrying a load of logs. He slams into the truck cab causing it to swerve wildly out of control, unloading the long tree logs right onto the narrow highway. Luckily, I swerve right out of the way, narrowly missing the deadly greenery, as the truck driver finally steadies the vehicle and i drive past in pursuit of my contract.
I'm planning to start playing "The World Ends With You" on the recommendation of Stephen Totilo's blog and the crew of the 1UP Yours podcast. Hopefully, I enjoy this game as much as the other handheld games that I've played this year.

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