Sunday, May 25, 2008

So I've Been Missing for about a Week

I hate missing from my own blog, but sometimes it feels inevitable.  No matter how much time I try to set aside, I can never keep up with posting as frequently as I'd like to.  

Well, it's time to play catch up, I guess.

First, I'm currently at SFO (San Francisco International Airport), on my way back to NYC for the first time since I left way back in August of 2007.  It's funny how going back home can stir up a slew of emotions that've been missing for the past few months.  I guess even the most hardened soul can get a little homesick (myself included).  The trip home is all that I've been thinking about for the last three days, and seeing my friends and family is always interesting.  But this trip to NY holds more significance because it's my first time back in the Big Apple as an outsider.

I grew up in NYC my whole life, never leaving the city for more than a two week period.  Even when I signed up for college I made the decision to stay local and support my family, not realizing what I'd miss not going away for college.  Granted, setting up shop in a dormitory isn't a huge deal, but it is an opportunity to grow socially and learn some responsibility (well, for some people).  My family lives in the borough of the Bronx where I became a professional teacher, and never once did it enter my mind that I would ever leave. 

But then in August, I did.

It was probably the biggest decision I ever made, but I decided it was worth the risk.  I bought a one-way ticket to San Francisco, and set up shop in one of the most awkward career choices: videogames journalism.  Now don't get me wrong, I mean awkward in the nicest sense of the word, and the support that I got from both parents and friends was admirable.  They all believed  in me, and applauded my ambition, saying it could one day lead to something great.  This made me realize how much they cared about my happiness.  Since then, moving to San Francisco has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

So now after nine months, I'm going back home with a new set of eyes.  Since I've been out here, I've met some amazing people.  I've connected to great friends in an industry that I love.  Everything feels like it's going to plan, and hopefully my lucky streak continues.

So many people say, "I'd love to leave NY, move to another state, and find a career that makes me happy."  Lucky for me, I'm halfway there.

To all the people reading this who supported me in the NY to SF decision, thank you.  I would never be here without your help.  And when I get back from SF, maybe this script will get even better, as I zero in on the type of reporter that I want to be and focus on my personal goals as a writer.

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