Sunday, May 4, 2008

This World be Banging!

I'm still genuinely surprised by The World Ends with You, despite all the praise that I read about it beforehand.  It's interesting that a DS game would ambitiously try to split your attention between two screens, making you control two characters at the same time.  But besides mental anxiety at succumbing to the game, I'm more concerned I'll end up with carpal tunnel playing this game because of the DS's small frame, stylus, and buttons (maybe I need a DS Phat).

But there is one more thing that I never noticed until this Squenix RPG before: the very modern localization effort.  Granted, I know Square does a pretty decent job these days with translating their games, but this one took me a little by surprise.  

Apparently, its bangin'.  No really, it is.   Check the photo below, if you don't believe me.


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